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Acne Solution Facial Foam

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Do you suffer from persistent acne and breakouts? Look no further than POND'S Acne Solution Facial Foam 100g, an impressive ally in the battle against spots. This face foam is formulated with the innovative Thymo-T Essence, is meant to target acne at its source, leaving you with a clear, bright complexion.

  1. POND'S Acne Solution Facial Foam uses the potent qualities of Thymo-T Essence to successfully attack 99.9% of pimple-causing bacteria, eliminating acne in only three days and preventing future breakouts.
  2. This innovative composition does more than just treat surface blemishes; it penetrates deep to eliminate acne germs at the source, providing a holistic solution for a blemish-free skin.
  3. POND'S Acne Solution Facial Foam strengthen your skin from within, increasing defenses against future outbreaks and promoting long-term clarity.
  4. Experience the power of this face foam as it instantly eliminates existing acne while also reinforcing your skin to prevent future breakouts.

Instructions for Use:
  1. Wet your face with warm water, then generously apply POND'S Acne Solution Facial Foam to the damp skin.
  2. Gently massage the foam in circular motions to allow the Thymo-T Essence to infiltrate your pores.
  3. Rinse well with warm water to reveal a clean, clear complexion.
  4. For the best results, use twice daily as part of your acne-fighting regimen.

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POND'S Acne Solution Facial Foam 100g

Acne Solution Facial Foam


50, Gambas Crescent, Proxima @Gambas #05-08, Singapore

Pickup currently unavailable

50, Gambas Crescent, Proxima @Gambas #05-08, Singapore
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