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Active Fresh Toilet Block - Mango Splash

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    • The Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Block - Mango Splash 35g will transform your bathroom into a pleasant haven. This potent cleaning solution combines the power of advanced detergents with the invigorating smell of fresh mango, delivering in a sparkling clean and inviting toilet every time.

    1. Using the power of sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate, this toilet block effectively dissolves tough filth and stains, leaving your toilet bowl immaculate and clean.
    2. The Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Block, infused with a refreshing mango fragrance, not only cleans but also leaves a lovely, long-lasting scent that awakens your senses.
    3. Six Powerful Actions:
      • Shine: Unlock a bright shine to make your toilet bowl glisten.
      • Dirt Removal: Its great cleaning strength will remove ugly stains and filth.
      • Anti-Limescale: Prevents the formation of unattractive limescale for a clean finish.
      • Lasts up to five weeks: Enjoy long-lasting freshness and cleanliness thanks to its longer duration.
      • Pleasant Fragrance: Enjoy the refreshing perfume of mango, which will linger in your bathroom.
      • 50% More Foam: With its thick, foamy mix, you'll get better cleaning results.

  • Instructions for Use:
    1. Remove the protective wrapping from the Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Block.
    2. Place the block in the toilet cistern, making sure it is securely fastened.
    3. With each flush, the powerful cleaning chemicals and fresh mango scent are released, leaving your toilet bowl clean and rejuvenated.
    4. Replace the block every 4-5 weeks to ensure consistent freshness and cleanliness.

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Harpic Active Fresh Toilet Block - Mango Splash 35g 3 in 1 Bundle Pack

Active Fresh Toilet Block - Mango Splash

35g x3

50, Gambas Crescent, Proxima @Gambas #05-08, Singapore

Pickup currently unavailable

50, Gambas Crescent, Proxima @Gambas #05-08, Singapore
Singapore 757022