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Article: Celebrity Hair Secrets: Styles and Care Tips in Singapore


Celebrity Hair Secrets: Styles and Care Tips in Singapore

You were yearning for celebrity hair secrets; this is the one for you! Written by Top Secret Studio Singapore. Shop best price hair care product in Singapore with us!

Steal the celebrity top hair care secrets for Singaporeans and reveal the styles and care tips that keep them red carpet ready.

We researched the ambassador brands celebrities use and the top-rated hair care brands they swear by.

Common hairstyling techniques and daily maintenance routines to help you get by.

You, too, can achieve long-lasting hair health.


Singaporean Celebrities' Favored Hairdos

Singaporean celebrities have distinctive hairdos you've absolutely adored. Stars like Fiona Xie and Zoe Tay rock styles that are both elegant and daring, embodying the spirit of Singapore. 

It is inspiring for hairstylists to recreate these looks and make clients feel like stars. As a friend helping out, you have makeover ideas.

These celebs' styles aren't just about fashion; they're about confidence and identity. Feel 

That's a beautiful act of service. Let’s learn from

Top Hair Care Brands Used by Star Celebrities

Wondering how these celebrities keep their hair looking so fabulous? The secret often comes down to the top-quality hair care brands they swear by. Brands like: 

  • Oribe, 
  • Kerastase, 
  • and Olaplex are staples in their hair care routines.

Shiseido offers a good range of luxurious shampoos and conditioners.

Kerastase conditioners feature reparative hair masks.

Olaplex promotes bond-building treatments, known for their restorative and nourishing effects. 

They're not just for the stars, though. Normies like us can afford these hair care routines too.

While they can be pricier than your average drugstore brands, investing in high-quality hair products can make a significant difference. 

So, why not treat yourself and your clients to a touch of star-worthy hair care with Top Secret Studio Singapore?

Top 7 Hairstyling Techniques and Steps for the Red Carpet

Before hitting the red carpet, celebrities rely on several hairstyling techniques that you, too, can master for your star-worthy looks. 

Here are our Top 7 Hairstyling techniques and steps you can take!

  1. Volume is key; start by applying a root-boosting product
  2. Blow-dry your hair upside down for extra lift.
  3. Celebs live entirely with heat protectants, preventing damage from styling tools and helping your style last longer.
  4. Setting your style. 
  5. A high-quality hairspray will lock in your look without leaving your hair crunchy. Use friendly nutritious ingredients and easy wash spray.
  6. For a polished finish, use a shine spray or serum. Keep in mind that less is more. Overusing products can weigh down your hair. Looking unnatural.
  7. Be patient and practice. 

Like a hairstylist would, you will treat your hair delicately with time and focus.

5 Steps of Daily Hair Maintenance Routines

It’s crucial to have a solid routine for special occasions to maintain your hair's health and shine on a daily basis. 

Daily maintenance is your best defense against damage and the key to lustrous locks.

Here’s the 5 Steps Daily Hair Maintenance Routines that works:

  1. Start by brushing your hair gently to distribute natural oils and remove tangles. 
  2. Follow up with a mild shampoo, focusing on the scalp. 
  3. Don't forget to use conditioner; it's essential to keep your hair moisturized and prevent breakage.
  4. Wrap your hair in a soft towel and avoid rubbing. 
  5. Let it air dry whenever possible to minimize heat damage. 

And every time you hit the sack, remember to protect your hair by using a silk pillowcase. Your hair will thank you.

Secrets to Long-Lasting Hair Health

Fancy having hair that's healthy and radiant in the long run? Here's the secret: consistency and proper steps in your routine. 

Achieving celebrity hair health isn't just about splurging on high-end products; it’s how you make time to maintain and nourish your hair.

To start, consider these three steps:

  1. Prioritize a balanced diet. Nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, C, and E, and proteins contribute to hair health.
  2. Regular hydration and condition for your hair. Not just shampooing; conditioning locks in moisture, crucial for preventing dryness and breakage.
  3. Protect your hair from heat and environmental damage. Use heat protectants and wear hats to shield your hairfromr the sun or high heat!


Now that you’ve got the scoop on Singapore's celebrity hair secrets,. From their favourite styles to the top brands they trust, you're all set to get that red carpet look for the annual dinner, concert, and date parties!

Keep in mind that a healthy mane does not develop overnight and that daily maintenance is crucial. Go ahead and rock your hair on any street now that you know these secrets.

Says who we cannot rock celeb-style hair?

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